• PunctureSafe Do-It-Yourself Car Kit

2 Bottles of DIY - 780ml each
Valve removal tool - 1 No.
Bottle nozzle Cap - 1 No.
Tube - 1 No. 
High Performance High Speed Grade for Cars, twin axle Touring Caravans & Trailers, containing enough puncture prevention to do an average size car or twin axle touring caravan. The larger cars with 15"or 16" tyres may need a third bottle.
For more information download the installation guide from the below link:
Installation Guide
Positive sealing capabilities
A Puncturesafe seal is positive and secure thereby transforming any tyre into a self-sealing tyre.
Puncturesafe High Speed Grade is capable of sealing tread area punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 6mm in
diameter, HD Grade - 15mm and XHD Grade - 20mm as long as the puncturing object has not severely damaged or weakened
the tyre's structural integrity. Puncturesafe cannot create a secure seal in any tyre that has major internal damage, regardless
of the puncturing object's diameter. The sealing capabilities of Puncturesafe are unequalled by any other tyre sealant in the world.
Eliminates most flats and blow-outs
The majority of flats and blow-outs are a result of driver negligence. The number one cause
being excessive heat generated from under-inflation as the overheated, under-inflated tyre becomes soft and can be easily
punctured. However under inflation also creates additional problems such as tread and ply separations - all primarily caused by
porosity (natural air migration) which exists in all tyres to some degree. Puncturesafe eliminates air migration and prevents the
majority of damage caused by under inflation.
Extends tyre life
Puncturesafe helps maintain air pressure, reduces heat build-up and thereby increases the life of the tyre.
The added conditioners also help to retard pre-ageing within the casing.
Protects against under-inflation
Puncturesafe has the ability to eliminate porosity, air migration and seepage and allows the tyre
to maintain proper air pressure. This in turn prevents rolling resistance and heat build-up which is the biggest cause of high fuel
consumption and tyre failure.
Heat reduction (Heat is the number one cause of damage to tyres)
Puncturesafe contains specific ingredients which, helps
conduction of additional heat away from the tyre to the rim, the tyre’s natural heat sink. This results in a cooler running tyre for
any type of vehicle or equipment - regardless of use.
Safety factor
Puncturesafe is specifically formulated to allow any serious and potentially dangerous puncture in a tyre to deflate
slowly and in a controlled manner. This attribute provides additional safety and aids to alleviate the hazards usually associated
with blow-outs. Irrespective of the diameter of the puncturing object, Puncturesafe will not create a secure seal in a tyre that has
suffered major internal damage because Puncturesafe needs rubber recovery in order to work effectively. Cords play a vital part
in rubber recovery, however Puncturesafe and air will bleed slowly out of a punctured tyre that has suffered damaged cords,
giving the driver a controlled deflation.
Lasts the life of the tyre
Puncturesafe’s unique thermal properties, manufactured in a proprietary process, protects the polymers
against heat and provides the ability to overcome the centrifugal force of a rotating tyre. Puncturesafe’s ability & performance
does not diminish with speed, distance or time.
Protects the entire inner surface of the tyre
Puncturesafe provides a coating of approximately 3 to 4mm thick that clings to the
entire inner surface of the tyre, thereby providing protection at all times. The sidewall of a tyre is very thin and flexes
considerably, therefore any puncture in this area will not be positively sealed by Puncturesafe and the tyre will deflate in a
slow and controlled manner thus maintaining stability.
Water soluble
In its liquid state Puncturesafe is completely water-soluble (for easy clean out) and when rinsed with water does
not leave any residue, however once Puncturesafe has dried to a rubbery plug within a puncture it will not return to its liquid state.
Standard repairing procedures can be utilised as normal.
Protection against rust and corrosion
Puncturesafe contains a complete rust and corrosion inhibiting system that not only
protects steel and alloy wheels, but will also protect steel belts in the tyre once a puncture has occurred. Puncturesafe prevents
outside contaminants from leaching back into the puncture which would cause the steel belts to rust or ply to separate.
Retards pre-ageing of tyre casing
Because Puncturesafe contains specific conditioners it has the ability to inhibit ageing from
within the tyre, thereby increasing the life of any tubeless tyre casing.
Will not void any tyre manufacturer’s warranty
Puncturesafe’s unique polymer composition is completely compatible with every
component in any tyre and therefore will not void any tyre manufacturer’s warranty. It is also a fact that tyre manufacturers cannot
void a manufacturers warrant simply because a puncture prevention treatment is in a tyre. They must establish first if the
addition of a sealant to a tyre caused such damage

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PunctureSafe Do-It-Yourself Car Kit

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